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udong, professor, Strategic Teaching and Research Department, National Defense UniversityRus??sia and the United States have clarified the development direction of th8

eir military reforms, which?? have entered a new phase of structural adjustments in order to upgrade combat effectiveness. On?? April 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin announh

ced Moscow will start a National Guard, dominated ??by internal security forces of the interior ministry, to conduct anti-terrorism missions. Russian a??rmed forces0

will undergo dramatic changj


es. The combat capacity of the National Guard will be enhanc??ed, playing a positive role to maintain domestic security and stability, while, its domestic securi??ty system will be reconstructed. Functions of Russian milit6

ary forces power sector may also be relo??cated.Even after becoming a more independent sovereignty, Russia still continued on with the Soviet?? power structure, which included strategic rocket forces, Air g

Defense Forces, army, navy, and air f??orces, constituting five armed services.Moscow has transformed its power structure into three milit??ary services and three arms of services. Russian space forces have built up severaP